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    Development tendency of belt conveyor
    Release Date:2013-4-11

        The belt conveyor is also called rubber belt conveyor, which is mainly composed of roller,conveyor belt,conveyor frame,conveyor pulley etc. It is convinent and suitable for modern industry. Modern industry conveying equipment,especially the belt conveyor, is developing rapidly. The development tendencey of belt conveyor are as follows,

    1. Developing to the direction of large-scale belt conveyor, including aspects of large transmission capacity and length. Nowadays, the longest length of hydraulic conveyor is 400 kilometers. The longest single belt conveyor is almost 15 kilometers.

    2. Developing to the direction of higher performance and better functions. The conveyor can work in extreme temperature conditions and corrosive, radioactive environment.It can also convey flammable and corrosive, high temperature,viscous material.

    3. Reducing the consumption to the greatest extent possible. It will be important to calculate the energy consumption.

    4. Reducing the polution when the belt conveyor works. We should regard protecting ecological environment as the goal.

        All in all, the development of belt conveyor protection system must be connected with the detection technology, communicaton technology, automation and control technology.

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